Writing goals

Writing goals plays an important role in goal setting process. Many people make mistakes here and do not make it right. In order to do it correctly, first we need to know the type of goals.

According to timeframe, goals can be:

Big picture goals – your end destination as defined by the ‘Big Picture’ Statements for your various life aspects.

Milestone Goals – these are the series of goals that will take you to your destination.

Mini Goals – milestone goals may need to be broken down into bitesize chunks to make them more manageable.

You milestone goals can be achieved through many mini goals. And your big picture goals can be achieved through many milestone goals.

Here's how you need to do:

You start with the big picture - the end result. Then you break it down into "chunks". You then sub-divide each chunk into smaller chunks. And you keep sub-dividing until you're left with a series of individual tasks.

For example, if you want to climb Everest, your big picture goal will be climb Everest. Then you subdivide it to several milestone goals:

-find climbing school
-take lessons
-practice climbing on other mountains

And your milestone goal of "finding climbing school" can be achieved through many mini goals such as:

- Buy climbing magazines
- Find local mountaineering society
- Consult yellow pages ads
- Make phone calls
- Choose course
- Reserve place on course of choice

It is the same for the rest of the two milestone goals. You can subdivide them into many mini goals.

This is a complete road map that will get you where you want to go. I can understand though if you find this all a bit overwhelming. How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time. Once you have your completed map, just follow it one tiny baby step at a time.

When you are writing your goals, you should start from your big picture goals. If you start from mini goals, you may lose sight of the big picture goals and go to the wrong direction. Our lives have many aspects and think about what you want to achieve in these aspects. Setting personal goals lists these life aspects.

We will have a road map of our lives after writing down your goals. Writing goals is really interesting and I really like this process of goal setting. It gives us the opportunity to plan our future lives. We will decide where we want to go and what we will be like many years later. Isn't it exciting?

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