Process of goal setting

The process of goal setting is dynamic. It needs to be measured so that you can monitor progress. You should start monitoring the process at the beginning. In this way, you will see clearly if you are progressing towards your goals.

Allow yourself the flexibility to change the action plan. Sometimes things happen and we can not follow our action plans. For example, we plan to jog 30 minutes this morning but it rains. We can follow other action plans instead.

Your goals are based on your own situation when you first set them. But over the long term, your situation will change. You may already achieve some goals in advance. You can then set higher goals according to your big picture. Some goals that you set before are not relevant to you now. Ask yourself if the goals are still important to you. If not, adjust the goals. Goals must be relevant otherwise you won’t have the motivation to achieve them.

Monitor the process is important. We should keep ourselves on track everyday. Measure and record your process from day to day. When you do so, you will be very happy to see that you are on the way to goal setting success. You achieve your goal step by step. Just like climbing the mountain, you are closer and closer to the top. This is a fantastic journey.

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