Personal swot analysis

Personal swot analysis will help you identify the most beneficial goals worth pursuing right now based on your current situation, and to identify goals that will help you prepare for the future. Swot analysis is widely used in business areas and we can use it in ourselves too.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In your each life aspect, you may ask yourself questions in these four points. Just write down the answers you can think of.


What are your core competencies in this area?
What are your abilities, skills talents in this area?
Do you have any specialist knowledge in this area?
What resources do you have that support this strength?
Who can you ask for advice, support or help?
What personal behavioral traits do you have that are strengths in this area?


What are your main limitations in this area?
In what areas could you improve?
Are there any resources (money, time, help) that you don't have?
What is not working in this area right now?
What personal behavioral traits do you have that are weaknesses in this area?


What opportunities have you been considering in this area?
Who could support you to help you achieve your goal?
What could you improve in this result area for you?
How can you take advantage of your strengths to pursue these?
What major change do you need in your life to improve this area?
Are there any special tools you can use or develop to help?


What external influences may hinder your success?
How could these affect you?
What obstacles or roadblocks are in your way?
Do any of your weaknesses increase the level of these threats or the impact?
What strengths do you have that could help you reduce the identified threats?

Personal swot analysis

Carrying out a personal SWOT analysis can help you to understand yourself and support you to make decisions. You can use your strength to enhance your pursuit of the opportunities. You can think of ways to address any weaknesses which you want to overcome or develop your skills and capabilities. You can find out the opportunities around you and grasp the chances. Also consider how the threats could be minimized or eliminated.

For each of your life aspect, you need to use the personal swot analysis. Take out a large piece of paper and divide the paper into four quadrants, list them separately. You will soon have a clear picture of yourself.

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