Personal action plan

Your personal action plan can be daily plan, weekly,monthly,quartely or yearly plan. As we discussed before, you should have yearly plan first. Then subdivide your yearly plan into each of the four-quarter plan. Re-subdivide the quarter plan into monthly plan, weekly plan, at last the daily plan.

You should integrate your goal's action plan into your day-to-day routine and tasks. In this way you will take action to achieve your goal step by step. You need to follow your action plan everyday.

You may update your action plan every week. Once you have finished some mini goals, then focus on the rest of the mini goals. Put these new mini goals in the daily planner and take actions next week.

When you are arranging the day-to-day activities, you will have many things to do in a day. How to organize them efficiently?

Here I will introduce you one popular way of prioritizing action items, Urgent | Important activity matrix. It is developed by time and organizational management guru Stephen Covey.

The time management matrix will help you to take control of time, feel more confident, and become more productive.

Urgent Important activity matrix

Important activities have an outcome that leads to the achievement of our goals.

Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are usually associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals, or with an uncomfortable problem or situation that needs to be resolved.

When we do our daily plan, we should do the important and urgent tasks first.

Then we plan to do the important but not urgent tasks. They are critical to goal setting and ultimate success. Focusing our time and attention on the blue square in the diagram will help us leverage our time so that we can actually avoid future crises. The more we are dealing with important things before they become urgent, the fewer ‘urgent and important’ tasks we will have to deal with.

For the unimportant but urgent tasks, we will manage them by cutting them short, rejecting requests and avoiding them while doing important tasks.

For the unimportant and not urgent tasks, it’s a waste of our time. We will try to avoid them.

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