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Are you finding goal setting information and want to set you goals? Here you can learn a lot of useful goal setting knowledge including how to set goals , self motivation and how to get to the place where you want to go. You will create your goal setting plan and get on the path to success.

We all have different kind of goals in life, such as weight loss, stop smoking, get a raise, get into college, make more money, or more common goals. You may set goals before and now let's look back. Have you achieved them?

Setting a goal isn't the hard part, to make out an action plan and stick to it is more important. Anyone can set a goal, but there are some key points and goal setting information you need to know to make sure your success.

1. Is the goal just you want or you must accomplish it?

They are not the same. If you just want the goal, you may not have enough power to put it into action. You just think it for a while and then forget it soon. Things will not change this way. Instead, if you think that you must accomplish the goal, you will set your goals, write it down and make out an action plan. You put the action plan into your every day's work schedule and take actions instead of merely thinking of it. The result is totally different too. You will achieve your goals if you do it this way.

So no matter what your goal is, you need to ask yourself first: Why the goal is important to me? Why must I do it? List the reasons and the benefits. When you do so, you will have enough power and motivation to pursue the goals. In the goal setting worksheets we provided, you can write your goals down and list why the goal is important to you. It is a useful tool to set your goals.

2. Persistence is another key point for your success.

Sometimes we are lazy and do not have enough power to keep on. Why we are lazy and can not continue sometimes? After giving it some thought and doing some research, I find out that:

Laziness is the lack of desire to perform work or expend effort. What behavior is considered laziness varies according to personal and societal standards. Laziness Definition from Wikipedia

When you have this feeling, you may look at the goal setting worksheet and see the benefits again that you have listed. You will then get motivated.

3. Keep track of your progress every day.

Write down the tasks you have achieved every day. This is an important step too. You will be happy to see your progress and get a lot of fun from it. When we enjoy it, we will do it more and more of it that gives us a lot of happiness and directs us toward our success.

The whole process looks like climbing the mountain: We aim at the top and take our first step by goal setting. Then move up to the top step by step. On the way we will face difficulties and obstacles. These will not stop us because we have our goal in mind and we must accomplish it. There is also beautiful scenery all the way too. We all enjoy the process. Finally we come to the top and achieve our goals. How happy and joy we are. This is a fantastic journey!

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