Goal setting forms

The intention of the goal setting forms is to help you use the goal setting method to set your own goals. We have just discussed how to set goals. Now you can use this form to put the theory into practice.

The best method to realize your goal is to take action. Even a small step at the beginning is a good start. If you just learn the theory and don't take action, you will forget it soon.

During the process of practice, you can master the goal setting method easily. Of course, you will achieve your goals in the end and get where you want to go.

Right-click to download this PDF form here.

How to use this form?

1. We recommend that you commit an hour to work through this form.

2. We recommend that you are completely honest with yourself throughout the process.

3. We recommend you keep this form well for future reference.

We sincerely hope that it helps you to achieve everything that you want from life.

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