Examples of goal setting

Here is one examples of goal setting. It will show you how the theory is put into pratice.

Big picture for the aspect of my life

Always in good health, be strong, live to over 80 years old.

Specific Goal Statement

My goal is to lose 40 pounds 's weight in six months

Measures of Success

Now my weight is 180 pounds and my goal is 140 pounds.

Reason the goal is important to me

I want to be healthy and have strong body.


Choose diet.
Re-stock kitchen cupboards with appropriate food.
Buy a digital scale.
Attend one local athletics club and do some exercise.

Time-line for each task

Choose diet:One week to research diet
Re-stock kitchen cupboards with appropriate food:Two days
Buy a digital scale:One day
Attend one local athletics club and do some exercise:Six month

Require skills and resources

Knowledge and advice on weight loss
Diet knowledge
A digital scale to weigh myself
Local athletics club membership
New sportswear

Now let’s look at how the examples of goal setting was put together.

1. Smart goals

Go through each of the SMART characteristics and see if they fit with the example plan.

Is it Specific? – Yes, the goal relates to weight loss 40 pounds.

Is it Measurable? – Yes, I will buy a digital scale and weigh myself.

Is it Achievable? – Yes, I am confident I can achieve it.

Is it Relevant? – Yes, it motivates me to do exercise and train regularly, keeping me fit and providing relaxation.

Is it Time-bound? – Yes, the weight loss is set in six months and each task has been scheduled.

2. You list the skills and resources that required.

3. Then you work on the action plan and make a schedule. You will have monthly plan,weekly plan and daily plan. Put the tasks into your daily plan and split the tasks into your everyday work.

Good. You have set up a smart goal and now just take actions!

Now let's look at the mainly results that you record.

March - Researched weight loss diet on the internet and local library. Buy a digital scale and re-stock kitchen cupboards.

April - Attend one local athletics club. They helped me improve my training schedule. Lose 7 pounds this month.

May- Keep on the diet and lose 8 pounds. Make a new friend at the local athletics club.

June – Had a bad fever, can not go to the local athletics. Lose only 2 pounds this month.

July- Recover from the fever. Stick with the diet and do exercise every day. Lose 8 pounds.

August- Everything is going fine this month. Continue the schedule and lose 10 pounds.

Now that you have lost 35 pounds. Though you haven't lost 40 pounds, just continuing your action and next month you will succeed.

As you see in the end, in June you didn't follow your plan due to sickness. It doesn't affect your final result. You just need to continue your goal.

You can celebrate your achievement with you friends. Share them with your experience and they will be very happy about your progress.

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