Believing In Yourself

believing in yourself

Always believing in yourself no matter what; love the person that you are and appreciate what God has given you. These are laws of life that are useful for everyone. I think that before people can live happy lives, they must believe in and accept themselves.

The hardest thing for individuals to do is to look in the mirror and like what they see. Accepting yourself, being thankful, being thankful for God's gift. And believe you can accomplish anything for which you strive is hard for all of us. To live a fulfilling life, you must start with believing in yourself as a person.

I have struggled with believe in myself so many times in my life. Struggling with little tasks such as completing homework or memorizing a piece on the piano, I would get so frustrated. You never realize how much easier your life becomes if you have confidence before you take on a task until you say, "I can do this!"

Four or five years ago, I began taking piano lessons. Recital time was approaching, and I had a piece that I needed to memorize. Coming home with a feeling of frustration and poor attitude, I just knew I could not accomplish this task. I sat at my piano and told myself that I would never get it finished. What was supposed to be the memorizations of a new lines of music is now a life lesson for me. I did end up finished the piece, and the recital wend smoothly. The important point is, looking back on this time in my life, I can see how important it is to know that you can accomplish anything you want to do if you try your best.

Now, when I become frustrated with a piano piece, I never give up and think about that I cannot do it. Always beginning with a positive attitude, I sit down and tell myself that I can accomplish my goal if I put my mind to it. I realize that I should have this attitude in everything I do. Never give up, believe that you can accomplish anything in which you put your mind and heart.

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