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Hi! I am Frank Purdy. I am a sales person. Six years ago, I graduated from college. I was a good student and my college life went favorably. However, after I graduated and went out the to real world, I was not quite adapt myself to the job. I wasn't confident and couldn't finish the tasks as well. I even lost my jobs and my girl friend left me. Everything seemed to be a big mess.

I really wanted to change.

Then one day I came across a bookstore and read a book about how to set goals. I followed the advice and set my goals. My life had changed ever since. It was the turning point of my life.

The process wasn't complex. I invested a few hours and brainstormed what I want to achieve, wrote them on the paper, made an action plan and then followed them. I worked hard for my goals and pursued my dreams. I realized my goals one by one and my life changed.

Now my life is much better. I feel happy and confident too.

I want to share my experience here with you. For those who have problems in their lives or haven't achieve their goals. I will help you get over the hump and achieve your goals.

Again, a very warm welcome to you!

Best regards,

Frank Purdy

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